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Durham Scout County event :- "Climb When Ready" - results, didn't we do well?

posted 5 Mar 2013, 05:41 by Amanda Wilson   [ updated 5 Mar 2013, 05:46 ]
Well a massive congratulations to Sam, Ben and Ross for their supreme efforts in this, first of its kind and hopefully annual event.

"Climb When Ready" a County event attended by 61 Scouts with each & every Scout facing a wide array of Climbing Challenges, each challenge met, attacked and overcome by our intrepid threesome providing the following final results:-

Sam - 7th place and overall winner for the Teesdale District

Ben - 9th place

Ross - 16th place


With a little more practice and a few more of our capable Scouts taking part next year - just what can we achieve next time?

Take a look at the photo below.
Amanda Wilson,
5 Mar 2013, 05:42