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Pioneering Perfection? Maybe not but a pillowcase full of fun!

posted 6 Nov 2013, 07:04 by Amanda Wilson   [ updated 6 Nov 2013, 07:11 ]
Part of our extensive and very varied programme of events taking us to the end of January 2014 includes working towards those all important badges...this included a few weeks ago the first part of the Pioneering Badge.

Over two weeks the Scouts knotted and tied poles and posts together to create, well a kind of pillow fight platform which became the scene of battle for the status of supreme "pillow fighter". 

Competition was hot, it was nasty at times and most notable of all was the tenacity of the young ladies (maybe we should use that term loosely having seen them in action)....pictured below, Alicia one of our most recent recruits giving as good as she gets!