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Summer Camp 2013 Great Tower Activity Centre, The Lake District.

posted 31 Aug 2013, 09:29 by Amanda Wilson   [ updated 31 Aug 2013, 12:16 ]

Getting to grips with the most fundamental of Scout skills, fire lighting.

Matthew and Leah showing us how it should be done.

Ghyll Scrambling

Feeling a little apprehensive?

Half a day battling up the river, waterfalls, pools and best of all "bombing" into pools so deep you couldn't see the bottom. 

Who knows what lurks in those depths?

Getting wet!


Canoeing on Windermere

1st Gainford Scouts spent 3 hours learning in the best way possible how to canoe - by having fun and getting very wet. 

Tree Climbing

And why not? 

It wasn't just one Scout that overcame their fear of heights that's not easy looking down.

Ben taking a rest at the top (left).

And finally "The Gladiator Challenge"

None of the photos do this activity justice, this was a long, long way down, if in fact you made it up in the first place. 

Brother & sister took on "the challenge" and neck and neck they raced to the top, finally standing up straight on the last pole. But if that wasn't hard enough, guess what, they then had to perform "Hey Macarnea" to the audience below ... easy? 

You try doing it 50 ft up in the air balancing on a log....go on we dare you!

Well done Cameron that wasn't the easiest thing you've ever had to do.

Girl power (below) Sarah & Daisy relieved to get to the top!

Are we going to do it all again next summer?

You bet!   

But this time we're hoping to go caving and sailing instead of canoeing & ghyll scrambling - unless of course you have a better idea?

Join the Adventure - you up for the challenge?